Ustadh Dirie

Ustadh Dirie is a distinguished educator specializing in Arabic, Tafsir, and Hadith. His academic journey began in 2009 when he ventured to Yemen to commence his studies in Arabic and Quran. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he enrolled at the prestigious Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University. Ustadh Dirie's academic accomplishments include a two-year Arabic certificate program, followed by a one-year diploma in Arabic and Islamic studies. He furthered his education by earning a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Law (Sharia) from the same institution, graduating with an exceptional grade of 'mumtaz' (excellent). In addition to his formal education, Ustadh Dirie has had the privilege of learning from various scholars in Al-Ahsa and other locations. Since his return to Toronto in late 2021, Ustadh Dirie has dedicated his time to serving the community. He teaches Arabic and provides education to the youth at various mosques. He is also the esteemed founder of Mafaz. Outside of his professional commitments, Ustadh Dirie has a keen interest in coffee and technology. His hobbies reflect his passion for continuous learning and his appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

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